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Wheel & Tire Cleaners

Are you in need of special wheel & tire cleaners? If you are in need of special tools and products for adequate tire cleaning services we’ve got you covered. We have various different products and brushes intended for different areas of the wheel hub to ensure a thorough cleaning of all the tough to reach areas within the tire. Having the correct products available to you is essential to doing the job properly. That is why at Oklahoma detail supply we make sure to offer everything you may need. We have tire kits available as well if you want a wide variety of options to achieve the best result. If you are in need of products for wheel & tire cleaners we are the premier one stop shop for all your needs. We have brushes intended to get the wheel wells, rims, and tires. We have special tools that are properly suited and angled for tough to reach spaces within the rim as well.

We have products that can also strip the tires of any previous dressings to ensure a proper tire prep. We even have products that can eradicate brake dust that has stuck to the vehicle. This brake buster removes iron that would be impossible to get otherwise. We have special finishes for tires and various wheel & tire cleaners to ensure a proper cleaning is done. We have varying products depending on the condition of the tire, and this will allow you to properly clean and prep the tire before adding a tire finish. If you need a higher grade iron decontaminant we do have our Iron buster product as well. This is a deep cleaning agent that removes brake dust and can restore your rims.

We know how difficult it can be to make a rim look spotless, and that is why we have a wide range of options to help you out. We want to help you create a satisfactory detailing service, and our products are intended to do this. We have an enviroclean product that can help remove dirt and grime from the wheel wells. This product is easy to apply and work with. When paired with our special wheel well brushes you will be thrilled with the results you are able to get. You need products that are designed to remove grime and dirt to properly clean the tires. This requires a full comprehensive range of tools and products in your inventory.

We have kits that can help you out, or you can buy these products individually to properly clean tires. Once the tires are prepped and clean we offer a few different finishing products for you depending on your detail preference. We are confident you will love the wide selection of options that we can offer you. Come check out our store for all your future service needs. Our experienced professionals would be glad to demo products or answer any questions you may have. We want to help you provide better services, and we can direct you in the right direction for your specific needs.

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