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Tulsa Detailing Supplies

 If you’re looking for the best Tulsa detailing supplies then we are going to be the perfect option for you at Car Detailing Supply of Oklahoma. We are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and offer detailing distribution anywhere in the country.

We are a high quality detail product supplier with a wide selection of inventory!

We have something for everyone, whether you are a car enthusiast or a professional detailer.

Car Detailing Supply of Oklahoma can help you achieve any level of clean and detailed appearance that you may be going for.

Why Choose Car Detailing Supply Of Oklahoma For Your Tulsa Detailing Supplies?

 If you are wanting to find the highest quality Tulsa detailing supplies then we are the perfect choice for you.

Car Detailing Supply has earned the reputation as the premiere Tulsa detail supply shop. Our high quality products, and large variety of inventory is what sets us apart from any other competitors. We have an exclusive offering of our microfiber towel line and ceramic coatings that you will be impressed with. We can also provide you with expert advice on what products you should use on certain vehicles and in certain situations. This level of expertise and knowledge in the products that you are using is something that you will value, and we believe will help you provide a more satisfactory detailing experience. We also offer a convenience that is unmatched as you can come to  brick and mortar locations, and we can also provide you with same-day delivery if you are local to the Tulsa area. 

We take great pride in offering the widest selection of detailing products available in the area. We also have an exclusive distribution partnership with a world recognized company. Because of this we have a wider selection of products than most other suppliers in the area. This partnership also allows us to offer a competitive rate on the products that are unmatched in value. We would love to earn your business, and become your go-to supplier for all of your needs. We offer shipping that is more affordable than most other suppliers, and we are able to ship locally, regionally, and nationally. 

What Kind Of Detailing Supplies And Products Will You Find At 

Car Detailing Supply Of Oklahoma?

We are a distributor the official Oklahoma Distributor of P&S Detailing Products, which has been providing the public with professional detailing products for over 60 years.

Furthermore, we provide Detailing Excellence premium quality microfiber towels and ceramic coatings.

Some of the different detailing products we offer include:

– Ceramic Coatings

– Car Shampoos

– Car Soaps

– Liquid & Paint Waxes

– Paint Sealants

-Wheel Cleaners

-Tire Cleaners

– MIcrofiber Towels

– Polishes & Compounds

– Interior Cleaners

– Detailing Brushes

– Wash Mitts

– Tire & Wheel Brushes

– Tire Shines

– Iron Removers

-Wheel Acids

– Car Wash Supplies

We offer environmentally friendly products if you are looking for safe to use car detailing supplies Tulsa.

Many products on the market are not safe to use on detailing services because of their corrosive and toxic nature. These products can also cause damage to the vehicle if not used properly.

We want to ensure that we take care of the surrounding areas on mobile detailing services, and that is why we offer you environmentally sustainable and biodegradable products. 

It is also important to use products that won’t stain the area you are providing the detailing service at. These reasons are important to factor in when deciding what products to buy.  

This wide range of inventory from our Tulsa detailing supplies is going to be second to none.

We can always guarantee to offer the best service possible and be competitive on price. 

We Offer The Best Detailing Supplies In Tulsa, OK?


If you are looking for car detailing supplies Tulsa then give us a call at 918-503-1710. We offer online shopping which provides you with easier ordering. You can browse our inventory through our online catalog, and place your orders through our website.

Not only do we offer the best Tulsa detailing supplies but also many educational resources as well. Do you have any questions on the products that we offer? Our team of certified experts provide better understanding of all of the products, and how to properly utilize and apply them. We do this to better serve professional detailers, and also helps DIY enthusiasts with their own detailing projects. This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We also offer educational classes that you can attend to work with the products first hand, and learn some vital elements to help your detailing business grow.  


We work hard to build trust with our customers and clients, and that is why we are the premier company offering car detailing supplies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer only the highest quality products available on the market.

Our products are completely safe to use on all interior and exterior surfaces. For those that want to try what we have to offer, we provide many detailing kits. Our detailing kits give you a comprehensive range of products that can provide you with high quality results. This will allow you to try out multiple products if you aren’t sure which ones you prefer to use.

We go far beyond just offering you the best detailing products on the market. Our educational resources, and optimization of rapid response time for customers is second to none.

We have a responsive 24/7 text service for members of our Detailers Club. We also offer exclusive discounts and promotions available on our detailers accounts.

The value we can provide you is quite exceptional. Our commitment to serving our customers is something our customers consistently speak highly about. Check out some of our customer reviews and recommendations on our website.  

 The next time you are looking to purchase detailing products in Tulsa, OK give our team a call.

We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a demo of the products you need before your purchase. You can reach us at 918-503-1710 or you can check out our online store.

We have something available for everyone!

Whether you are looking for products for DIY projects, or for your business we can supply your detail product needs!


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