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Paint Protection

Paint protection is a crucial aspect of maintaining your car’s value. If you have recently bought a new car, and want it to remain looking brand new then you need to take the proper steps to protect your car’s clear coat. Your vehicle is often exposed to harsh environmental factors and uv rays that can be reduced by taking the proper steps to protect your vehicle. The exterior of your vehicle is the first thing people notice so it is important to ensure it looks great at all times. Especially if you are wanting to maximize the resale value of your vehicle, frequent protection applications are vital. That is why at Oklahoma detail supply we offer many different variations of protectants for you. We stock high quality paint protection products. We have a product designed for those who have luxury vehicles or classic cars that they want to impress with at car shows. This show day paint enhancer will enhance the gloss on your vehicle’s exterior, and is safe on all finishes.

This product will really make the paint pop, and is going to grab the attention of your peers right away. We also stock a quick detailer product that enhances the paint, and also works as a clay lubricant. This product is vital to removing any unwanted contaminants that may be trapped in your vehicle’s clear coat. This quick wax protectant is extremely easy to apply and the easy utilization is what makes this product very popular. Do you need a product that will offer you world class paint protection? We stock a pro series polymer spray wax as well. This product allows you to wash and wax in a one step process and is very customer friendly as it is very easy to apply. This is a dynamic product that can be used to protect exterior surfaces, paint, and even glass surfaces. We recommend this product as a drying aid after you have properly cleaned your vehicle which allows for a faster application process.

Our most popular protectant is the award winning bead maker. This product is widely recognized as the best on the market. This product provides a cured protection and a long lasting hydrophobic shine. This product can be spray applied, and that makes it very easy to use. If you are looking for a higher level ceramic protection we do offer ceramic coatings as well. Our line of ceramic coatings is well reviewed in the detailing community. The feedback we get on this product is phenomenal and we believe you will love it as well. This can be applied in a one, two, three, or even five year variation. When applied and bonded correctly these products will last the duration of their life, and will provide your car an incredible layer of protection. This will help prevent environmental contaminants from getting in your vehicle’s clear coat.

These coatings also allow for easier cleansing and maintenance for the duration of the product’s life as well. If you are looking for a good product for coating maintenance we stock this for you as well. We have a highly durable stand alone protestant that is easy to apply, and will provide you unmatched results. As Oklahoma’s official distributor of P&S products we have products available that we can offer at a more competitive rate than any other detail supplier in the area. We stock a wide range of products that are tailored to your needs, and can achieve a high end result with every use.

Come see why our customers refuse to shop anywhere else. We look forward to serving you, and are passionate about bringing you products that can’t be rivaled. We take customer service very seriously, and our team of knowledgeable professionals would be glad to help you with any questions you may have!

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