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Microfiber Towels

We have several different microfiber towels that you can choose from. We have many different towels that help with various surfaces around the car, and also that serve a wide array of purposes. We have 3 types of glass towels that will cater to any preference that you have. We have a high end glass towel that is great for cleaning all glass surfaces, and provides your car with a high end streak free finish. We have a waffle pattern glass towel that works to trap liquids and remove dirt effectively. This pattern allows for a more accurate clean on your glass surfaces, and will quickly dry the glass leaving a streak free finish. We also have a fish scale pattern towel that is great for scrubbing tough spots for a perfect finish. This towel has a higher absorption rate than most other glass towels on the market. All 3 are a great option and serve a different purpose so that is why we offer you many different options for your glass surfaces. We carry several dual sided microfiber towels as well.

These dual sided towels are extremely versatile and are a detailer’s favorite. These dual sided towels are perfect for rinseless washes, and can be used as a secondary towel on ceramic coating installations. If you are looking for a towel that you can use on many different areas of the vehicle then this offers a dynamic cleaning option for you. The versatility is what makes this towel stand out and provides you with unrivaled utilization. We also carry an interior towel that is equally as versatile. This towel is well suited for general use on most interior surfaces and provides a high end cleaning appearance. Whether you are needing a towel for depper agitation of grime removal, or one that is excellent for wiping down and leveling natural finishes this interior towel is perfect for you. Do you need high quality microfiber towels for your ceramic coating services?

When doing a ceramic coating it is important that you have a towel that is dual sided to provide a smooth and even leveling of the product and another for buffing the product. This is crucial as if a product is not properly applied and leveled it will not bind correctly and the ceramic coat will not be as effective. We carry a paint protectant towel as well which is great for applying and leveling your paint finishes. This towel is an excellent choice to achieve a detailed exterior that will really pop. An exterior that is cleaned properly and is left with an enhanced shine is crucial to providing a satisfactory detailing service for your customers. We can help you dry any exterior surface as well with our plush twisted loop drying towel. This towel has an excellent absorption rate and will remove any leftover dirt from the vehicle. It is important to use the proper towels on your detailing services. Whether you are doing the detail service on your own vehicle, or if you have a detailing business we have towels that come in many different packs and quantities.

We strive to be your one stop detail shop, and that is why we have a large inventory that is suited for any detail needs. We go above and beyond to offer a variety of products and quantities that are tailored to any detail job no matter how big or small. We can be competitive on price for any of our products, and we will never cut quality to do so. We are confident you will find us to be the best detail shop in the area. We have our own line of microfiber towels, and we are also the distributor of P&S products for all of Oklahoma. This allows us to have a large inventory for all your needs, and we always offer you amazing customer service with every visit.

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