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Exterior Detailing

Make your vehicle stand out with our professional exterior detailing products! From rinseless washes to car soaps and shampoos, Car Detailing Supply has everything your need to make your vehicle look its best!

If you are needing products for exterior detailing services we have what you need. We have many different shampoos, tire and wheel cleaners, paint protectants, and clay bar treatments to smooth any surfaces before applying a finish. We also have exterior kits available as well which provide you a phenomenal value, and helps you complete the majority of your exterior details. Our kits are designed to offer you a comprehensive variety of products at a much lower price point. If you are looking to start your own detail business, or prefer to do the detail yourself these kits are amazing at covering the essentials. Our products can cover a wide variety of needs and results dependent on the technique or detail preferences.

We have many different shampoos for your exterior details. We have a shampoo concentrate that is very versatile and is safe to use on any finish. This product is also highly dilutable so offers you a fantastic value per car, and helps you minimize expenses and maximize the return on investment without sacrificing quality. This product pairs well with foam cannons to provide a nice dispersion of product. We also have a high end wash and wax. This product is great for reducing water usage, and is a polymer based wash to enhance gloss and slickness of the exterior. We also have a higher concentrated shampoo concentrate for extra cleaning power. This is a great exterior shampoo for cars that need extra cleaning power to remove heavy grime that has accumulated. We also have another wash and wax that is biodegradable and is excellent for maintaining vehicle finish.

We have a product for every level of need and detail, and this is something you will definitely appreciate for your next order. We also offer an extensive list of paint protectants for your exterior detailing. We have a polymer spray wax that is very quick and easy to use. This is a popular product due to feasible usage, and for being time efficient as it is a one step process. This is also a good option to be used as a drying age after a proper rinse and cleaning of the vehicle to enhance the detail. We also stock a very popular paint protectant that is spray applied, and provides a long lasting protection. This product enhances the protection of your detail, and provides a lasting hydrophobic shine that allows for easier cleaning and maintenance. We have another stand alone protectant that is intended to be used as a coating maintenance. It is a very durable and high end protection that will help guard your vehicle from harmful environmental contaminants. We also stock clay lubricants for a quick wax protection, and paint gloss enhancers for a next level shine that will make your car really stand out.

We carry safe and effective tire and wheel cleaners as well. We have products that will clean and brighten your tires and rims. We stock safe and effective non acid cleaners as well for a safer and higher end cleaner. We have concentrated wheel cleaners that can provide a deeper level grime removal for a better finished appearance. We have brake buster products as well that will oxidize and strip away any built up brake dust. We have an iron decontaminant that will help break down excess rust and caked on debris within the rims. We have products designed for the wheel wells as well, and this provides a detail that gets all the tough to reach areas of the exterior of the vehicle. We want to help maximize your detailing service.

That is why we are passionate about offering you high end products that cover a variety of needs. No matter what service or look you are needing to achieve we have something for everyone. Come check out why detailers and car enthusiasts love our shop. Visit with our knowledgeable team, and check out the largest inventory in Tulsa. We would be glad to demo our products for you as well to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Come see how we can provide you with a quality difference that matters, and make us go to shop for all your detail products and supplies.

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