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Detailing Tools

Your one stop shop If you are looking for detailing tools to help you with future services then you need to call us at car detail supply soon. We can help you complete your next job to the highest extent possible with our wide range of detail supplies. We offer an extensive variety of detailing tools that can suit any need or job that you may have. We stock only the finest quality microfiber towels, and high end applicators, and brushes. If you are looking for microfiber towels for the interior spaces, drying of the exterior, door jams, or even glass towels we have everything you need. This is why we are confident we can be your one stop shop for all your detail needs. Are you needing new detailing tools to help with polishing services? If you are in need of high end polishing pads we have many different variations available for you. We stock Rupes tools, and have polishing pads that are foam, wool, and microfiber.

This will help you with any level of correction that is needed to be done on the vehicle. Whether you need to do a one step or a two step correction, or depending on the depth of the correction we have compounds and pads that will achieve a successful result. We can offer you all in one kits as well for all your buffing and polishing needs, and we have speciality discounts and offers on orders when you join our detailers club. We have the largest supply of detailing tools in the Tulsa area. When you are doing a detail job it is important that you have speciality scrubbers for a deep clean, and also applicators to ensure any finish is applied evenly for the best results. We have our scrub bud product for any interior detail. If you have a car that has a lot of dirt and grime that may require a little more agitation to remove then the scrub bud is what you need. We have special applicators as well for the interior of your vehicle, and also for your tires.

To provide your tires with a lasting finish you need to ensure you have an applicator that is suited for tires. Interior applicators are also great for dressing any vehicle with a natural finish to make your detail really stand out. We can provide you with all your tire tools and brushes as well. We have brushes intended to offer a comprehensive tire cleaning service. We have tire brushes, soft bristle brushes for the rims, specially designed brushes for getting deep within the wheel hub, and also for thoroughly cleaning tough to reach areas of the wheel wells. We also stock mitts that are designed for removing any harmful contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle. After you have properly soaked the vehicle in your preferred shampoo you will need tools that have the texture to remove harmful imperfections within the clear coat. Our specialty mitts are designed to do this with a high end cleaning ability, and provides you with a more efficient deep clean process.

Our tools are designed to provide you with an easier, more efficient, and higher quality detailing service. We can help you achieve any look you are going for! Give our store a look for your next order. We are confident you will see why our detailers love shopping here. We are the one stop shop for all your needs. We stock the widest range of tools, and highest quality materials, and the best part is that we are able to offer you these tools at a competitive rate. No matter what your need, we have something for you. Ask one of our experienced and knowledge representatives to help answer any questions you may have about our products. We would be happy to assist you, and can direct you in the right direction. We can also demo many of our products so you can see the tools in action. Check us out soon, and see why we are known as Oklahoma’s number one distribution center.

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